The goodness of tea has been aptly defined by Monty Python- a British surreal comedy group when they said, ‘Make tea, not war’.  Tea has been spoken about, felt by the taste buds of many and written throughout history about its magical elixir brewed from an unassuming leaf. Where there is tea, there is hope and where there is hope, there are fewer things to worry about! Tea cafes are mushrooming across the city as there is a growing demand and love for tea. One such mesmerizing variant I came across in the last month was Green Tea from Roing in Lower Dibang of Arunachal Pradesh.

IMG_20170618_181031_222Its beauty cannot be defined in words; it can be only felt when tasted. A typical day is incomplete without at least a cup of tea, but this Green Tea, straight from the north-eastern state of Arunachal Pradesh makes your day with its sweet aroma that lingers in your mouth even after you are done sipping the beauty. And if you thought this love for Chai is only restricted to green tea, then you are wrong!  I had an opportunity to taste four variants of magical tea- The Assam Royale CTC Blend, Geleky BOP, Arunachal Long Leaf Green Tea and Arunachal Long Leaf Black Tea, all thanks to Absolute Tea! These four variants bring peace within you and can be termed as a terrific (tea-riffic, to be precise) blend of freshness and happiness.


I always feel better and at ease when I have my cup of tea. My cup of tea won’t be your cup of tea, haha! But let me tell you the Green Tea from Arunachal Pradesh, that I had a chance to taste, is one gem of a tea. Believe me!  It’s like boiling your ego and problems into it, evaporating your worries and sadness and tasting happiness with peace! Tea is a divine herb and that feeling of divinity can be felt with Absolute Tea’s fresh Green Tea from Roing in Lower Dibang of Arunachal Pradesh. The long curled up dark green leaves, with raw aroma reminiscent of earthy smells in a Tea Estate can be felt right at the first sip. This tea is very special, as it is plucked during dusk on Buddh Purnima. The magical taste of the green tea is so rejuvenating as it is aided by the heightened magnetic attraction between the earth and moon. This however, causes the ground water to rise resulting in more moisture in the leaves.


Another variant from the Absolute Tea hamper that I had an opportunity to taste was Arunachal Golden Sprinkle Black Tea. The brew produced is a golden amber colored brew which is a treat for your senses; the aroma is consistently sweet with hints of rose and floral honey. All that while retaining the body which is characteristic of any tea from the Brahmaputra Valley. No wonder tea began as a medicine and later grew into a beverage.


I remember reading a quote by George Gissing which stated, ‘Perhaps it is while drinking tea that I most of all enjoy the sense of leisure’. These lines aptly describes my feeling and love for tea. My mind is at peace, my heart beats at its own rhythmic tick, my soul dances in happiness and with each sip, my body rejuvenates for times ahead.  Take charge of your health and replace your tea boxes with these super organic tea leaves. When served and sipped hot, there are few more pleasurable experiences than enjoying delicious tea.