Hear me now, hear me talk and hear me vent. I am happy! Rendition fell freely like honey and all I felt under my skin, was a feeling that I was longing for long, way too long. A feeling of being ‘complete’. Completion of chaotic thoughts in the mind that once acted like an angel and suddenly switched being a demon.

The feeling of being broken is terrible. It is like that of a pine suffering in silence during a cold winter day, like the pain of the crushed flower, like the lonely mountain whose songs were stolen before they reached broken hearts, like the pebbles whose cries are suppressed by a lashing wave, it is like a hard-hitting melody that whispers screams. But you, hear me! I am no Sunday morning to keep myself and my insanity confined to these four walls of the room. Burning in my own flames gives me some light to be wild; just like fire.

Oaken promises of love and togetherness did not work. Instead, pain of loss and joy of redemption won the toss. Each passing second and each passing minute promised that it shall make up for the time spent in building memories which no longer made sense. One hush at a time, I read to myself things I wrote. Those words washing against the rigid soul.

Sometimes when you see what you wished for and you know it’s approaching you, it feels so irresistible. It feels as if that is the moment, and you want to be a part of the moment and make it ‘the’ moment of your life. When all your fancies take wings, you fly.

The touch, makes you feel that you are beautiful, your body is beautiful, and someone else too is feeling the same for you. Life changes that particular moment. The touch and rub of the skin takes you in a world that you have been dreaming all this while. “Feel it like there is no next time”, is what you constantly nag yourself for you don’t know when you would get the moment next.

The path of true love never did run, you know! And one should make it clear in the head that love is a feeling that needs beauty of the heart, a pure mind and the urge to feel for someone, selflessly to be a giver? It just doesn’t come or it just doesn’t happen. You feel. You feel your heart out. The definition of love gets redefined when all those fancy talks about beauty, sex and lust take a backseat. The understanding of the feeling called ‘love’ has been open for discussions since time immemorial. ‘Love’ is plagued by humanity.

Love is when you see the birds flying and you keep staring at them, with your eyes still and your mind with their wings, flying high. Love is when you look out of the window and see a baby plant and cherish its bloom. You adore its colour, you wish to be like it. You stare and stare and touch it gently, without hurting its tiny leaves.

Life has reached a certain stature that is surrounded by the riches. The understanding of love has been truly uneven. Tears told tales of recovery.Had life blossomed like a plant or a bird or a cloud, our understanding of love and life would have unfolded thousand more times. Hear me, you missed it and someone deserving had a good catch. Do not dare to categorize my flaws under your hopeless definition of beauty. It’s useless recycling all memories that act like a stain on my white, pretty dress.