Wondered ever why you be the ‘inner you’ only to yourself? There are, certainly, few things that only you know, things that are only shared by ‘you’ to your own self. Sit back and reflect over few such things that you have kept only within you, not revealing out to anyone. You have done all that, right? It’s only now, that you will know, for yourself that you are your own best friend. We have all mastered the art of ‘being fake’, to different levels, of course!  Sometimes may be the grey skies and cold summer rains pull you down, but you always have something to lift up your mood. Some of us are actually brave-hearts, but even brave-hearts aren’t brave always. Sometimes the brave bows down too, bracing uncertainty.

‘Tis the season to go bold and bold demands the true you. Fake is old fashioned. Get up, look at people, look at how they behave and talk and move themselves. What if you were her and he was she and they were us and we were them? Would have been so beautiful, living the different ‘us’, every day. Only you can give yourself the ‘you’ that you have been missing on for so long.

That’s precisely what happens when I wake up, thinking about things that happened to me and things that are happening to me and over-thinking about things that may or may not happen. It makes me sad, over-thinking kills the inner me. I don’t actually believe it’s happening as it’s happening. But then there is always something that comes to your rescue and that’s ‘writing’. Writing is the only therapy that heals from deep within. When you write, you actually revisit those memories that once bothered the hell out of you!  Writing helps you grow.

When with some hope, I went out to the world to find myself, what I found was there is no room for simplicity and love. My diary narrated tales of recovery, those tears watered the seeds of strength and power.  What happens is, most of the times, we tend to lose the positive momentum that we somehow have kept for all this while, not getting affected by the odds. During a hard day, let ‘yourself’ not get lost in a somewhat sad or uninspired funk.

Let’s just, for once, be truly happy, like from within? Let’s be just happy for all that we have, for all that we get and for all that is meant for us. Let’s just be givers and not takers? Givers of happiness and givers of love? It is doubly impressive, you know. Let’s just be happy and content under the warmth and coziness of the rising sun. It’s all about the seeds of the present that you bury in your minds.