It was now that truth loved the lie,

It became difficult to decipher without context,

With elan, he touched her; sinked in the happiness he saw in her eyes,

The happy cacophony strung like a guitar,

Because he knew the therapy to her heart.

Because she loved him and embraced uncertainty.

She spun wildly into her next action; and, he ‘still’ loved her for what she did…

The moment felt so beautiful.

The ego, the regret, all the complains; consigned to flames for that moment,

Only, because he knew the therapy to her heart.

For the first time, the eyes met,

Her cheeks craved for the touch of his fingers..

Lips yelled out silently to him,

She craved for his touch; for, her love was burnt.

She used the same love to drown him into it, deep.

The zodiacs worked, too much in unison,

With the chuckles and the talks,

they fell in love again.

Just because, he knew the therapy to her heart.

She slid herself to him, drew his hand closer.

Felt the rush of blood onto her cheeks, mind and heart…

That evening, love doubled.

It was now, that, ‘SHE’ knew the therapy to his ‘hurt’ heart,

Said she, “I will love you in your beautiful chaos, in your most chaotic hour”,

Looking into his eyes, deep within she felt her world seemed crashing down, because it felt too right”. Her rough heart remained silent.

They knew that this loss would hurt,

Both their insides felt happy.

She smiled against his mouth when he kissed her;

Regret raised its ugly head because she knew she’d never get to touch him again.

So gentle and mild did she sound,

Seeing the end before it begun left her like a mess of unfinished thoughts.  His love remained her Testament…

Like a flower, she continued to grow, amid the hit of the wilting season..