People grow as growth is meant to be, feelings change as they ought to be and the choices we make, make us to be what we are, or choose to be.  Being just a little dot in the universe, I always took my problems to being the biggest of all; not even realizing that I’m just a hollow point of the remains that once lived. All, who have come into existence, have their own set of problems, dealing with them each day, thinking they are big too. We share with few , but sometimes the ‘few’ disappear and then you have no one but your own self. You heal thyself. People come and people go, because not all are meant to stay. The list in your mind, of uncertainty, goes endless. Uncertainty becomes a friend of the ‘new you’.

Why has hate become the new high is because in this world full of jealously and hatred and greed and selfishness, where there is no love left but arrogance and pride, it becomes difficult to lift our head up and live for ourselves. There is no appreciation for the work we do, or for that matter people don’t find the need to appreciate for whatever you freaking do. Just work, and walk off .But in the end, what does your heart tell you? “It’s okay. Someday they might”.  But that never happens. You are taken by surprise of how destiny treats you.

Time takes its own time; but time flies and its lost, forever. Here is where, the feeling of hate creeps in. You start hating things you once loved. Your mind starts acting stupid and you take yourself to be a loser, which you are actually not. A fighter forever cannot be affected by stupid, silly little things. Your reflection that you have of yourself in the mirror has a story to tell. You know what comes to rescue in your darkest hours….music and a few writings?

The sync between your mind and heart breaks in an endless fashion, giving you an assurance that the shattered pieces will no longer join. Hate, in itself, is an endless melody, trying to get you in, when you are trying hard to detach yourself from it. All you get out of all this is is solitude, the alone time, that heals and teaches you the art of living.