A sip of Positivi-TEA

The goodness of tea has been aptly defined by Monty Python- a British surreal comedy group when they said, ‘Make tea, not war’.  Tea has been spoken about, felt by the taste buds of many and written throughout history about its magical elixir brewed from an unassuming leaf. Where there is tea, there is hope and where there is hope, there are fewer things to worry about! Tea cafes are mushrooming across the city as there is a growing demand and love for tea. One such mesmerizing variant I came across in the last month was Green Tea from Roing in Lower Dibang of Arunachal Pradesh.

IMG_20170618_181031_222Its beauty cannot be defined in words; it can be only felt when tasted. A typical day is incomplete without at least a cup of tea, but this Green Tea, straight from the north-eastern state of Arunachal Pradesh makes your day with its sweet aroma that lingers in your mouth even after you are done sipping the beauty. And if you thought this love for Chai is only restricted to green tea, then you are wrong!  I had an opportunity to taste four variants of magical tea- The Assam Royale CTC Blend, Geleky BOP, Arunachal Long Leaf Green Tea and Arunachal Long Leaf Black Tea, all thanks to Absolute Tea! These four variants bring peace within you and can be termed as a terrific (tea-riffic, to be precise) blend of freshness and happiness.


I always feel better and at ease when I have my cup of tea. My cup of tea won’t be your cup of tea, haha! But let me tell you the Green Tea from Arunachal Pradesh, that I had a chance to taste, is one gem of a tea. Believe me!  It’s like boiling your ego and problems into it, evaporating your worries and sadness and tasting happiness with peace! Tea is a divine herb and that feeling of divinity can be felt with Absolute Tea’s fresh Green Tea from Roing in Lower Dibang of Arunachal Pradesh. The long curled up dark green leaves, with raw aroma reminiscent of earthy smells in a Tea Estate can be felt right at the first sip. This tea is very special, as it is plucked during dusk on Buddh Purnima. The magical taste of the green tea is so rejuvenating as it is aided by the heightened magnetic attraction between the earth and moon. This however, causes the ground water to rise resulting in more moisture in the leaves.


Another variant from the Absolute Tea hamper that I had an opportunity to taste was Arunachal Golden Sprinkle Black Tea. The brew produced is a golden amber colored brew which is a treat for your senses; the aroma is consistently sweet with hints of rose and floral honey. All that while retaining the body which is characteristic of any tea from the Brahmaputra Valley. No wonder tea began as a medicine and later grew into a beverage.


I remember reading a quote by George Gissing which stated, ‘Perhaps it is while drinking tea that I most of all enjoy the sense of leisure’. These lines aptly describes my feeling and love for tea. My mind is at peace, my heart beats at its own rhythmic tick, my soul dances in happiness and with each sip, my body rejuvenates for times ahead.  Take charge of your health and replace your tea boxes with these super organic tea leaves. When served and sipped hot, there are few more pleasurable experiences than enjoying delicious tea.


Love left and love loved again!

Hear me now, hear me talk and hear me vent. I am happy! Rendition fell freely like honey and all I felt under my skin, was a feeling that I was longing for long, way too long. A feeling of being ‘complete’. Completion of chaotic thoughts in the mind that once acted like an angel and suddenly switched being a demon.

The feeling of being broken is terrible. It is like that of a pine suffering in silence during a cold winter day, like the pain of the crushed flower, like the lonely mountain whose songs were stolen before they reached broken hearts, like the pebbles whose cries are suppressed by a lashing wave, it is like a hard-hitting melody that whispers screams. But you, hear me! I am no Sunday morning to keep myself and my insanity confined to these four walls of the room. Burning in my own flames gives me some light to be wild; just like fire.

Oaken promises of love and togetherness did not work. Instead, pain of loss and joy of redemption won the toss. Each passing second and each passing minute promised that it shall make up for the time spent in building memories which no longer made sense. One hush at a time, I read to myself things I wrote. Those words washing against the rigid soul.

Sometimes when you see what you wished for and you know it’s approaching you, it feels so irresistible. It feels as if that is the moment, and you want to be a part of the moment and make it ‘the’ moment of your life. When all your fancies take wings, you fly.

The touch, makes you feel that you are beautiful, your body is beautiful, and someone else too is feeling the same for you. Life changes that particular moment. The touch and rub of the skin takes you in a world that you have been dreaming all this while. “Feel it like there is no next time”, is what you constantly nag yourself for you don’t know when you would get the moment next.

The path of true love never did run, you know! And one should make it clear in the head that love is a feeling that needs beauty of the heart, a pure mind and the urge to feel for someone, selflessly to be a giver? It just doesn’t come or it just doesn’t happen. You feel. You feel your heart out. The definition of love gets redefined when all those fancy talks about beauty, sex and lust take a backseat. The understanding of the feeling called ‘love’ has been open for discussions since time immemorial. ‘Love’ is plagued by humanity.

Love is when you see the birds flying and you keep staring at them, with your eyes still and your mind with their wings, flying high. Love is when you look out of the window and see a baby plant and cherish its bloom. You adore its colour, you wish to be like it. You stare and stare and touch it gently, without hurting its tiny leaves.

Life has reached a certain stature that is surrounded by the riches. The understanding of love has been truly uneven. Tears told tales of recovery.Had life blossomed like a plant or a bird or a cloud, our understanding of love and life would have unfolded thousand more times. Hear me, you missed it and someone deserving had a good catch. Do not dare to categorize my flaws under your hopeless definition of beauty. It’s useless recycling all memories that act like a stain on my white, pretty dress.




Give me, me.

Wondered ever why you be the ‘inner you’ only to yourself? There are, certainly, few things that only you know, things that are only shared by ‘you’ to your own self. Sit back and reflect over few such things that you have kept only within you, not revealing out to anyone. You have done all that, right? It’s only now, that you will know, for yourself that you are your own best friend. We have all mastered the art of ‘being fake’, to different levels, of course!  Sometimes may be the grey skies and cold summer rains pull you down, but you always have something to lift up your mood. Some of us are actually brave-hearts, but even brave-hearts aren’t brave always. Sometimes the brave bows down too, bracing uncertainty.

‘Tis the season to go bold and bold demands the true you. Fake is old fashioned. Get up, look at people, look at how they behave and talk and move themselves. What if you were her and he was she and they were us and we were them? Would have been so beautiful, living the different ‘us’, every day. Only you can give yourself the ‘you’ that you have been missing on for so long.

That’s precisely what happens when I wake up, thinking about things that happened to me and things that are happening to me and over-thinking about things that may or may not happen. It makes me sad, over-thinking kills the inner me. I don’t actually believe it’s happening as it’s happening. But then there is always something that comes to your rescue and that’s ‘writing’. Writing is the only therapy that heals from deep within. When you write, you actually revisit those memories that once bothered the hell out of you!  Writing helps you grow.

When with some hope, I went out to the world to find myself, what I found was there is no room for simplicity and love. My diary narrated tales of recovery, those tears watered the seeds of strength and power.  What happens is, most of the times, we tend to lose the positive momentum that we somehow have kept for all this while, not getting affected by the odds. During a hard day, let ‘yourself’ not get lost in a somewhat sad or uninspired funk.

Let’s just, for once, be truly happy, like from within? Let’s be just happy for all that we have, for all that we get and for all that is meant for us. Let’s just be givers and not takers? Givers of happiness and givers of love? It is doubly impressive, you know. Let’s just be happy and content under the warmth and coziness of the rising sun. It’s all about the seeds of the present that you bury in your minds.

….because he knew the therapy to her heart

It was now that truth loved the lie,

It became difficult to decipher without context,

With elan, he touched her; sinked in the happiness he saw in her eyes,

The happy cacophony strung like a guitar,

Because he knew the therapy to her heart.

Because she loved him and embraced uncertainty.

She spun wildly into her next action; and, he ‘still’ loved her for what she did…

The moment felt so beautiful.

The ego, the regret, all the complains; consigned to flames for that moment,

Only, because he knew the therapy to her heart.

For the first time, the eyes met,

Her cheeks craved for the touch of his fingers..

Lips yelled out silently to him,

She craved for his touch; for, her love was burnt.

She used the same love to drown him into it, deep.

The zodiacs worked, too much in unison,

With the chuckles and the talks,

they fell in love again.

Just because, he knew the therapy to her heart.

She slid herself to him, drew his hand closer.

Felt the rush of blood onto her cheeks, mind and heart…

That evening, love doubled.

It was now, that, ‘SHE’ knew the therapy to his ‘hurt’ heart,

Said she, “I will love you in your beautiful chaos, in your most chaotic hour”,

Looking into his eyes, deep within she felt her world seemed crashing down, because it felt too right”. Her rough heart remained silent.

They knew that this loss would hurt,

Both their insides felt happy.

She smiled against his mouth when he kissed her;

Regret raised its ugly head because she knew she’d never get to touch him again.

So gentle and mild did she sound,

Seeing the end before it begun left her like a mess of unfinished thoughts.  His love remained her Testament…

Like a flower, she continued to grow, amid the hit of the wilting season..

Hate is the new high

People grow as growth is meant to be, feelings change as they ought to be and the choices we make, make us to be what we are, or choose to be.  Being just a little dot in the universe, I always took my problems to being the biggest of all; not even realizing that I’m just a hollow point of the remains that once lived. All, who have come into existence, have their own set of problems, dealing with them each day, thinking they are big too. We share with few , but sometimes the ‘few’ disappear and then you have no one but your own self. You heal thyself. People come and people go, because not all are meant to stay. The list in your mind, of uncertainty, goes endless. Uncertainty becomes a friend of the ‘new you’.

Why has hate become the new high is because in this world full of jealously and hatred and greed and selfishness, where there is no love left but arrogance and pride, it becomes difficult to lift our head up and live for ourselves. There is no appreciation for the work we do, or for that matter people don’t find the need to appreciate for whatever you freaking do. Just work, and walk off .But in the end, what does your heart tell you? “It’s okay. Someday they might”.  But that never happens. You are taken by surprise of how destiny treats you.

Time takes its own time; but time flies and its lost, forever. Here is where, the feeling of hate creeps in. You start hating things you once loved. Your mind starts acting stupid and you take yourself to be a loser, which you are actually not. A fighter forever cannot be affected by stupid, silly little things. Your reflection that you have of yourself in the mirror has a story to tell. You know what comes to rescue in your darkest hours….music and a few writings?

The sync between your mind and heart breaks in an endless fashion, giving you an assurance that the shattered pieces will no longer join. Hate, in itself, is an endless melody, trying to get you in, when you are trying hard to detach yourself from it. All you get out of all this is is solitude, the alone time, that heals and teaches you the art of living.

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